What is Fashion’s Next Big Thing?


As many who consider themselves fashion insiders see the days ticking off the calendar until the end of 2015, the who’s who of the fashion industry scramble to be the first one to find the newest, trendiest thing to flaunt as soon as the new year arrives. This industry is a constant evolving commodity, introducing new looks daily, and all the big players have come to take their shot at the title. Labels like Burberry, Prada, and Chanel are the guiding force in what will become popular, but movements such as ‘street style’ with be the final determining factor in what is ‘en Vogue’ for early 2016 and beyond.

Burberry steps out of their creative box this season, with the much anticipated release of their Pre-Fall 2016 ready-to-wear collection. Pre-Fall 2016 features a strong vibe of the continuing 70s trend, with elements of prep that one would expect in the traditional sense of Burberry, but also embodying a fun/slouchy element that took Fall Fashion Week 2015 completely by surprise. Christopher Bailey, Burberry’s creative director, said “I love the creative process of the research, development, but I also love when it comes to reality, it has to be an experience” on the subject of the creativity of the Pre-Fall that shocked six cities this fall. Burberry’s Contender: The change of a long-standing traditional line, doing away with branches such as ‘Brit’ and bringing the lines together for a crisp, refreshing collection for fall 2016 and on.  

Prada has never sat on the sidelines throughout their long history as one of the most distinguished houses in the business. Miuccia Prada, CEO, head designer, and creative director of her own company, seldom makes fashion faux-pas. However, her long-time, loyal customers, among the most elite people in the world, might question her very original take on what should be worn for the rest of 2015 and 2016. The revolutionary showing with Miu-Miu, a branch of Prada, featured dark lips, chunky boots, and plaid, in the traditional sense of fall, but with a twist. Models strode down the runway with their lingerie atop of their clothing. A black sheer nightgown topping a blue gingham playsuit, as if the wearer is on her way to work. What one must remember, is that runway looks are always not for the average person, who would actually wear the gigantic Victoria’s Secret wing that models like Miranda Kerr and Candice Swanepoel donned a mere two weeks ago? Prada’s Contender: With their creator back at the helm of her company, Prada has stepped out with the adventurous notion of wearing your negligees on top of your clothes. Because, if lingerie is this expensive, it needs to be seen more often than it actually is.

Chanel was the real winner last year, catching onto the emerging trend of temporary tattoos, still prominent in festival wear today, and launching their own skin line full of the wildest most fashionable tattoos ever seen. This year, creative director, Karl Lagerfeld, has come out with another win, introducing Grecian garments, in the style of normal fall clothing. This warm color scheme is exactly what consumers need to remember that spring is always right around the corner. As well as their mediterranean color palette Chanel stays with a normal fall and the continuing trend of the fur coats and tennis skirts, that will never see the tennis courts, channeled from Margot Tenenbaum.  Chanel’s Contender: As the calm and collected veteran, Karl Lagerfeld, continues to lead Chanel towards greatness, he introduces warmth and color amidst the drab and dreary of fall and winter, reminding us of the good times to come.

Despite major labels putting in every effort to ensure that fashionable people will buy and be seen wearing only that brand’s garments, ‘street style’ represents the people and incorporates everything from sequins to blazers, at the same time. Always funky and always trendy, ‘street style’ embodies the people of fashion and what they choose to wear, not what they are told to wear. Celebrities like Zendaya and fashion insiders like Nina Stotler are photographed by people like Phil Oh, and become a synopsis of that particular event, with their own personal style peeking through. We see these pictures, as people looking in from the outside, and feel like we know what was going on during that particular time, by the trends that they are sporting. Though we do not know for sure what will dominate the year to come, we do know that the next big thing will not be determined by a group of CEOs or executives in a board room, but the passion of designers, and the people of the infamous ‘street style’ as the loyal consumers of all things new or trendy.

Photo from vogue.com

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