WJMC Day One

2 am PST: My day begins in the darkness of a familiar timezone. It’s hot in California, even in the middle of the night, little do I know that I will soon be begging for the 100 degree heat of California over the East’s 80 degrees with the 75% humidity that follows.


4 pm EST: I start to get nervous. Sightings of navy and white t-shirts become more and more frequent until I am on a bus, headed to the campus and ready to begin what will surely be the most hectic week ever.


6:30 EST: Our first speaker is Tina Rosberg, a columnist with the New York Times. Her speech is terrific, it’s an insightful look into the purposes of journalism and what motivates journalists in a modern media platform. She presents on a segment of journalism of her own invention, “Solutions Journalism”, which focuses on positivity and success of approaches to solving major problems in society, all the while informing the audience of the aforementioned problems clearly and efficiently.   



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